Happy Super Bowl Day for those who celebrate, oh wait, sorry, I mean "The Big Game". I'm looking forward to both the game and the commercials this year, and I managed to avoid every single commercial preview so they should all be new to me. This week was incredibly hard at work (with the caveat that I sit on my rear, in a home office, and I'm very lucky), but difficult in that way like when you exercise and muscles you haven't used in a while hurt. I complained to my wife more than once, but also recognized I was improving some skills that needed it.

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Maze Maker #

I love mazes and have built some in the past (check out this ColdFusion maze generator post from 2009), and I was very excited to see the release of Labyrinthos, which generates mazes, terrains, and biomes. Check out the GitHub repo for detailed docs, but here's a simple example of generating a maze:

let map = new LABY.TileMap({
  width: 30,
  height: 30

LABY.mazes.RecursiveBacktrack(map, {});

You can see this running in the CodePen below:

See the Pen Maze with Labyrinthos by Raymond Camden (@cfjedimaster) on CodePen.

CSS One Liners #

Next up is an incredibly good post by Stephanie Eckles on 12 CSS one-line upgrades that you can start using today. I knew a grand total of one of these features so this post was very useful to me. I wanted to point one one in particular I thought was handy but there were too many of them!

That's One Big PDF #

Ok, this last one is more of "just for fun" post but as I work with PDFs at my day job, I found it really interesting. Is there such a thing as a "max size" for a PDF? I mean, technically we're talking about an electronic document, but they do have a rendered height and width and in theory, there could be a limit, perhaps defined in the PDF spec. (No, I haven't read it.) Alex Chan did an exhaustive look into this and like I said, the results were incredible. Check it out here: Making a PDF that’s larger than Germany