Lots of small changes here so let's get to it.

  • First off - and this is very, very important. I made a change that I think isn't a huge big deal, but I want BlogCFC users to be aware so there is no surprises. Emails that get sent out from the blog (like to folks who subscribe to threads by posting a comment), will now have a footer saying the email message was created by BlogCFC, made by yours truly. It also notes the version number. Let me stress... I added this as a way to mark my application out in the wild. My license for my code makes it very clear that you can change this. So if you don't like it, just update the notifyEntry method. No big deal.
  • I removed the need for a mapping for the client. You now only need one mapping for the org folder. So if you have N blogs on one box, you only have to create the org mapping.
  • BlogCFC now checks the server variables to make sure you are running 6.1 or higher. This should make it work ok on BlueDragon (afaik).
  • I made a simple caching change that should dramatically increase the speed of cached pages. I had done something silly and forgot to move some of the code inside the scopeCache tag. I can't believe no one pointed out the silly mistake I made. :)
  • BlogCFC now uses an error document. Errors are automatically emailed to the blog owner.
  • I cleaned up the Word doc a bit.
  • It was possible to get the login code to throw an error if you passed a string too long via the username or password. That has been fixed.
  • The unsubscribe link on emails sent to the admin wasn't properly formatted. Now the emails sent to the admin will have a 'Not Available' text message instead.
  • You were always able to create blog entries for the future, but they showed up immidiately. Now entries in the future should never be returned unless you are logged in as the admin.