CFCHARTs with Custom Markers

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Last night I blogged about a typo in the CF Reference in regards to charts and markers. The docs make reference to a marker style called 'letter', whereas the real setting is 'letterx'. The user I was communicating with about this issue asked if there was someway to use other letters. So for example, letterA or letterB. While you can't do that, I did discover that the Chart Editor has an option to specify a graphic for the marker.

If you expand the Elements attribute in the editor, then Series, you can edit the Marker attribute. This is a per series setting so you want to add an index value in the blank field and click Add before modifying the settings. The index value must be a number. I used 0 as I assumed that it would match the 1st series in my chart:

I selected Bitmap and picked an image. The XML generated from this change is:

<series index="0"> <marker type="Bitmap" bitmap="/Users/ray/Desktop/unicorn4.gif"/> </series>

Here is a full example. The XML is a bit verbose and you don't need a lot of what is in here, but the final example is nice.

<cfsavecontent variable="cxml"> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <frameChart is3D="false"> <frame xDepth="3" yDepth="1" leftAxisPlacement="Back" isHStripVisible="true"> <background minColor="#FDFEF6"/> </frame> <xAxis> <labelFormat pattern="#,##0.###"/> <parseFormat pattern="#,##0.###"/> </xAxis> <legend isVisible="false"> <decoration style="None"/> </legend> <elements place="Default" shape="Line" drawShadow="true"> <morph morph="Grow"/> <series index="0"> <marker type="Bitmap" bitmap="/Users/ray/Desktop/unicorn4.gif"/> </series> </elements> </frameChart> </cfsavecontent>

<cfchart style="#cxml#" scalefrom="0" scaleto="100"> <cfchartseries type="line" seriesColor="##FF0099"> <cfchartdata item="col1" value="20"> <cfchartdata item="col2" value="30"> <cfchartdata item="col3" value="10"> <cfchartdata item="col4" value="80"> <cfchartdata item="col5" value="60"> </cfchartseries> </cfchart>

And the result? The most beautiful chart in the world.

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