Marcos asks:

Hi Ray, what's the best way to learn Model Glue? I do have the manuals and stuff like that, but can you start to write some stuff about that? Cuz the documentation is very poor until now.

As readers to my blog know, I've been really excited lately about Model-Glue. I find it a bit more "lite" than Mach-II, which is not to say Mach-II is bad. For some reason, I'm just "grooving" on Model-Glue more than I grooved on Mach-II.

So that being said, I do not agree that the documentation is poor. To be precise - there isn't documentation. There is a Quick Start guide, which I think is wonderful. It is one of the best guides I've ever read. (Ack! In my first version of this post, I said I had written the quick start. That is absolutely NOT true and I apologize for the mistake!) That being said, I wouldn't call it "Documentation" per se. I would like to see something more formal come along. (Hey Joe, can I help with that?) Along with the Quick Start, there is also an excellent listserver. I know it is excellent because I've asked many stupid questions there and have gotten good answers. :)

Last but not least - the absolute best way to learn Model-Glue, or ColdFusion, or C++, or Assembly (lord forbid), is to start an application. For me - it is the rewrite of I'd suggest finding a project, preferably something small and simple, and simply start writing.