First off - yes - the luggage did arrive - around 10 this morning. So now instead of being extra stinky, I'm just my normaly stinky self. Best of all, I got the powercord for both my laptop (the Dell XPS, which takes it's own powerplant to run), my cell, and the PSP.

I've seen a few darn good sessions today. One was with Sandy Clark and CSS. She discussed tables and how/when to use them. (Basically, use them for tabular data, not layout.)

Before lunch, there was a good keynote on IIS 7. I've always preferred Apache, but IIS 7 looks pretty nice. You can configure, via XML, exactly which modules are loaded into each virtual server. One funny point. He showed how he edited an XML file to make index.html one of the default pages for his server. He mentionted how it's the default for Apache and not IIS. Of course, my reaction was, "Gee, why not just add index.html as one of the defaults out of the box??" Anyway, IIS 7 looks to be very configurable and easy to use. Of course, what would be even nicer is multiple virtual servers under XP Pro (and yes, I know it is possible, but I mean supported).

In the last session I attended, I listened to Sean Corfield talk about how CF is in use at This was an awesome session. I think many CFML developers deal in smaller, simpler applications and sites. It was nice to see a large scale, very large scale, CFML application.

Oh - and Joe (Model-Glue Joe) was the winner of the CFWACK book. The answer was, "Vanilla Sky."