Some random musings for the end of year...

  • Return of the King: I saw this on Friday. I simply cannot believe how good this film is. I also can't believe the director was able to make all three films so well. The sad fact is that most scifi/fantasy films are not well done. There are always exceptions, but none have come even close to the Rings trilogy. Speaking of LOTR, check out this parody. It is quite funny, although it reminds me again why I hate streaming media. This is a funny movie - but the break for rebuffering every 30 seconds is not fun. Here is a crazy idea - why not let me configure Real so it downloads like 75% of the film before letting me watch. I don't mind waiting. Really.
  • I got a GBA SP for XMas. I have had a GBA for some time, but could never play for more than 20 minutes at a time because of the screen brightness. The GBA SP is what the GBA should have been. The rechargable battery is also pretty nice. I'm currently playing Zelda and Fire Emblem.
  • My number one resolution for 2004 - clear out the CFLib queue. To be honest, I totally sucked last year as the admin for the site. With the new kid, the move, etc., I just fell behind. So, I'm going to catch up on the queue and try to stick to a two week maximum turn around for new UDFs.
  • My number two resolution - try to improve my reading. I used to read 3-4 books a week. With the kids, a full time job, and just live in general, I'm down to 3-4 books a year, which is horrible. I'm also going to try to get a good mix of non-fiction in with my fiction books.