Nearly two years ago I blogged about the cool set of tutorials available at NodeSchool. I loved the interface of the system and thought it was an excellent way to learn Node. Since that time, there have been an incredible amount of lessons added to the core package, including WebGL, ES6, and React. I'm happy to say there is also a cool package for working with IBM Bluemix.

Simply npm install -g bluemix-workshop and you'll get a set of lessons that help walk you through learning how to build Node.js apps on the IBM Bluemix platform.


Each lesson walks you through a few simple sets and even provides a verification system.


What I like about these lessons is that it is all command line driven. Most of my experience with Bluemix is with the web console. I knew the cf CLI did everything the web site did, I just didn't realize how easy it was. I've learned some new things already. I can say I ran into a few bugs around the debugging/trace area (see my issues on the GitHub repo), but they don't prevent you from moving on to the next lessons.