Just a quick update on the status/changes to BlogCFC in version 3.5.

  • There were issues out of the box w/ mySQL and case sensitivity. I believe I have all of those fixed now.
  • Alias supports works for MSSQL, MYSQL, and MSACCESS. As before, I'm not doing the rewrite for you, but if you come into the blog with mode=alias&alias=X, I'll try to load the entry where alias=X. You can use Apache's rewrite or IISRewrite or simply mod Application.cfm to look for path info in the URL.
  • Multiple users are now supported in all three databases. All posts now have a "Posted By" text under them so you can see who posted what.

The only thing left for 3.5 then is multiple blogs per DSN, and that shouldn't take too long. I'm already thinking of 3.6. One thing I'd like to make simpler is index.cfm. The main client is a "busy" file so I'm not totally surprised it is a bit ugly - but I'd like to nuke it and try to make it a bit cleaner. It is especially difficult to reformat the display of entires, so I want to work on that as well.

p.s. This blog is NOT running 3.5 yet.