Cool use of CFPOD

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Earlier today I blogged about ColdFusionBloggers and the category stats for 2008. I made a passing reference to how it would be nice to have a simple scrollable table for the stats. CFGRID would work, but I just wasn't in the mood for it. Andy Sandefer suggested cfpod and cflayout.

I tend to dismiss CFPOD when I discuss ColdFusion 8 Ajax features, but I gave it a quick shot with my giant HTML table from the earlier post.

<cfpod height="300" width="500" title="Stats"> 11,813 entries. <p/> <table border="1" cellpadding="10"> lots of html here.... </table> </cfpod>

<p> Footer... </p>

It worked rather well:

Ok, so I know a bit of CSS can turn a div into a scrollable region, but this seemed like a nice use of the tag and it was easy to implement.

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