Hello friends, tomorrow I'm heading out to Vegas for Adobe Summit, so I expect the posting to be a bit light this week.

Automating your Mastodon profile with Pipedream.com #

Here's a great article that talks about using one of my favorite services, Pipedream to automate the updating of a Mastodon profile. I really like Mastodon and the flexibility of its API is pretty great. I've been focused on writing bots, but I love how Stefan uses it to update his profile instead. Check out his article and see for yourself.

WebComponent * 2 #

I use an Evernote note to keep track of the links I want to share, and for some reason, these two links have been in my queue for a few months now. They kept getting pushed down by new awesomeness. Today I look to fix that.

First up is Awesome Web Components, a huge list of web component articles hosted as a GitHub repository. Sometime this week I need to find time to contribute a few of my articles to it.

Next up is a set of toots tagged, WebComponentsAdvent. I'm a big fan of the "Advent of X" type format as a way of sharing daily tips about a technical topic. (I also like my beer and wine Advent collections too, neither of which we've finished.) When clicking the link, be sure to scroll down to the bottom to read in the right order.

And now for something completely unnecessary... #

I know what you're thinking, "My office is missing something, Raymond, do you have any suggestions?" Why yes, I do. What about some lit-up jellyfish that dance in a tube of water? Just head over to Amazon to pick up the jellyfish lava lamp that's been in my office this past week and I absolutely love it. My wife and I saw it recently in the background of a YouTube video, searched on Amazon, and pick it up literally mid-video. It's cheap, and a lot of these kinda things don't work as well as the product page says, but this one's been a true delight.

Here is a picture of it in my office, but honestly it's not a great picture and it looks a heck of a lot cooler in motion:

Jellyfish lava lamp