First batch of Dreamweaver/ColdFusion articles up @ Adobe

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So none of the articles will probably interest readers here, but the first batch of my article updates for Dreamweaver CS4 and ColdFusion are up at Adobe...

Here is a direct link:

Again, nothing too exciting here for most of my readers I would assume, but I hope they can help ColdFusion newbies using Dreamweaver get into the product quicker and easier (that's what - never mind).

I can say that I've enjoyed using Dreamweaver lately. I don't think it is as good as Eclipse... when Eclipse runs right, and I can certainly say I won't be bad mouthing it anymore, so thank you to Adobe for opening my eyes a bit.

Hey, that could be a cool new slogan:

Dreamweaver - It doesn't suck!

And this is why I don't do marketing.

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