Jim asked:

Hi Ray,

I'm a longtime reader (Deathclock.com anyone?), but today I'm finally asking a question of my own.

I'm trying to transition from CFStudio to CFBuilder2 - my workflow is remote and primarily FTP based. In Studio - and most other editors I've used - the file explorer is split into two windows. One window for directory navigation and the other window to show the files contained in the directories.

So for a directory named /foo I might see several files in the file window:

bar.cfm test.cfm index.cfm

This is my question: how can I see the file attributes in CFBuilder2? Studio (and Dreamweaver I believe) shows the file size, type and date modified and makes it easy to sort by each.

The view you mentioned is probably the #1 thing that I missed when I transitioned from HomeSite++ to CFEclipse (and then CFBuilder) a few years ago. Like most things in Eclipse the answer is a bit complicated and fuzzy. First off - the closest thing you would have to that old view is the RDS File View. I don't use this view very often myself. (I make a heck of a lot of use of the RDS Dataview though.) Once you've defined an RDS server you can browse the file system on top and the files below:

Unfortunately you can't actually sort the columns. They are clickable for sure, but not sortable. If someone files a bug report for that I'd gladly vote for it!

If you just want to quickly get file information (size, last modified) and you don't make use of the RDS view, don't forget you can right click on a file in a Navigator project and select Properties:

You can also do this with the "File" view:

Hope this helps!