Hey folks, earlier this week I posted about a Pipedream workflow to automatically post new blog entries to Mastodon and Twitter. I discovered an issue with the workflow that ended up being a bug on the Pipedream side. (It happens!) They've corrected the issue and I need to test, so I've temporarily disabled Mastodon posting and am writing this post just to see if it posts correctly to Twitter. If so, I'll then restore the Mastodon step (Pipedream makes it easy to disable one part of a workflow) and see what happens when I post again.

As I feel guilty "spamming" my subscribers with noise, here's a quick tip. If you ever need to expose a local web site for external testing, check out the excellent tool, ngrok. From your command line you can expose a locally running web service and share the IP with others. It's a great way to let others test stuff on your machine.