New Book: Mobile App Development with Ionic 2

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Guess what I got my grubby little hands on?

A new book!

Yep, a brand-spanking new book on the latest version of Ionic by Chris Griffith. I had the distinct pleasure of being one of the technical reviewers for this book and I enjoyed it quite a lot. I felt like I "knew" Ionic 2 going in, but obviously didn't know everything, and I definitely discovered some great new tips while editing. I also really like Chris' use of one main sample application throughout the book. The reader really gets a chance to see it grow and expand with new features. Pick it up by clicking the link below (and yep, that's an affiliate link so if you buy, I get a few cents, thanks!)

Mobile App Development with Ionic 2: Cross-Platform Apps with Ionic, Angular, and Cordova

You can read a sample here and I've included the table of contents below:

  • Chapter 1 - Hybrid Mobile Apps
  • Chapter 2 - Setting Up Our Development Environment
  • Chapter 3 - Understanding the Ionic Command-Line Interface
  • Chapter 4 - Just Enough Angular and TypeScript
  • Chapter 5 - Apache Cordova Basics
  • Chapter 6 - Understanding Ionic
  • Chapter 7 - Building Our Ionic2Do App
  • Chapter 8 - Building a Tab-Based App
  • Chapter 9 - Building a Weather Application
  • Chapter 10 - Debugging and Testing Your Ionic Application
  • Chapter 11 - Deploying Your Application
  • Chapter 12 - Exploring the Ionic Cloud
  • Chapter 13 - Progressive Web Apps
  • Chapter 14 - Conclusion
  • Appendix - Migrating Ionic 1 to Ionic 2
  • Appendix - Understanding the Config.xml File
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