Ok, so after posting a few puzzles that were, um, not quite simple, I thought it would be nice to post something that you actually could solve rather quickly. This one is very simple, and I almost didn't post it, but I have a soft spot for string parsing (I started my web dev life in Perl) so I thought this could be fun.

You are a newly employed member of the CIA. Your job is to help catch dumb spies using an encryption technique where the first letter of every line is a message. What do I mean? Consider this letter:

Berry told me he had lost his
umbrella last night when
sailing with his friends.

He really is kind of stupid.
Really. I mean, how dumb
of a person do you have to be to
collapse on a moving bock and hurt your
knees while

In case it isn't obvious, read down the first column of letters and you will see "BushRocks". Yes, I'm joking, but after all the times I teased him I figured my (poor) Republican readers needed a break. ;)

So your task is to simply parse a string and get the first column of letters.