Results of ColdFusion's XMLSearch functions are references

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Just a quick note. I was talking with Stephen Moretti about working with the results of the XMLSearch function. He wanted to know if the results were references or copies of the XML data. I did a few tests and from what I see - they are references. Here is a quick example.

<cfxml variable="stuff"> <products> <product name="alpha"> <price>10</price> </product> <product name="beta"> <price>11</price> </product> <product name="gamma"> <price>9</price> </product> </products> </cfxml>

<cfdump var="#stuff#"> <cfset b = xmlSearch(stuff, "//product[@name='beta']")> <cfdump var="#b#"> <cfset test = b[1]> <cfset test.xmlchildren[1].xmltext =99> <cfset = "boo"> <cfdump var="#stuff#">

I begin with a simple XML packet of products. Each product has a name and a price child. I do a search to find the Beta product. Once I've got it I manipulate the name and the price. Here are the results of the dumps:

Not sure how useful this is - I almost never actually update XML - but hopefully this will help others.

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