Hybrids Rock

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So, a week or so ago my wife and I decided we needed to get rid of our Town and Country minivan. Ever since an accident a few years back, it had been flakey. It died on my wife and the shop did a full scan but was never able to find a problem with the van. We weren't satisfied with that, so we picked up the Highlander Hybrid Limited from Toyota. This car is an absolute dream. I've never seen a Hybrid up close before, and if you had told me how quiet it was I wouldn't have believed you. In fact - the thing I enjoy most about the vehicle is starting it front of people. No one believes the machine is actually running. (In fact, Toyota added a 'Ready' indicator to the dashboard just for that reason.) You turn the key - and nothing. Period.

In fact, my wife was picking me up a few days ago, and when she drove up, the car sounded like a hovercraft or a land speeder from Star Wars. (Actually the land speeders were louder I think.)

After a week or so, I can highly recommend the Highlander. It has plenty of pick and go and drives like a dream.

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