Raymond is a senior developer evangelist for Adobe. He focuses on document services, JavaScript, and enterprise cat demos.

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Eleventy Hack/Tip/Possibly Bad Idea - Dynamic Theme Testing

As I've done every few years, I'm in the process of working on a new look for this blog. I figure it's going to take a while to get it set up properly. In the past I've simply made a copy of my site and worked there when I had free time, but today another idea occurred to me. As the title says, this may be a bad idea, but hey, it worked on my machine so surely I should share with everyone, right?

Eleventy 1.0 - Upgrading Experience

With Eleventy 1.0 coming soon, I thought I'd take a look at the experience of upgrading an existing implementation to the latest version. As I've warned, Eleventy 1.0 is still in beta so the details may change, but I figured it was safe to give it a try on my own site (the very place you're reading this post). Eleventy is shipping a tool to help with that process, and I cover that a bit later, but me being who I am I just went ahead and Leroy Jenkins the process.

Eleventy 1.0 Beta!

In the past, I used to do quite a few "announcement" blog posts (for a shock, take a look at my stats for how many blog posts I did in 2007). With the introduction of Twitter I don't do that nearly as much, but I know there are quite a few of you out there who don't use Twitter and avoid social media in general. Good for you - I honestly wish I could walk away from that sometimes.

Building the PlacePlaceHolder Service with Pipedream

Before I begin, a few quick notes. Yes, that title is intentional and not a typo. Honest. Secondly, like most of my dumb ideas, I think there's some nuggets of interesting info in here, so I'll do my best to highlight those important bits while minimizing the dumb idea. (Which I enjoyed building no matter how dumb it was and that's the important part. ;) Lastly, this post will include some images that are randomized. I am fairly confident that no image will be inappropriate. If you see something bad though please let me know.

Creating a (Manual) Related Posts Feature in Eleventy

Something I miss from my old blog-ware was the ability to define blog post relationships. While editing a post, I could easily select posts I wanted to create a connection with. When the blog post was rendered, these related entries were shown at the end in a consistent manner. These relationships were bidirectional so if post A linked to C, when rendering C I'd render a link to A as a related post. I was curious how this could be done with Eleventy.