Raymond is a senior developer evangelist for Adobe. He focuses on document services, JavaScript, and enterprise cat demos.

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Game Dev Diary - Cat Herder - Part 1

Over a year ago, I released my first "idle clicker" game, IdleFleet. IdleFleet is a simple "space merchant" game built with Alpine.js. I've worked on it off and on since the initial release (which was in Vue.js by the way) and still have updates I want to add, but a few weeks ago I started work on a new game I'd like to share with you, Cat Herder.

Links For You

Hello from what feels like a rainforest down in Louisiana. We've had what feels like weeks now of not just rain, but strong rain and storms, and the hurricane season has only officially just begun. Thankfully we've got a whole home generator but I'm not looking forward to this year's storm season. (One of many reasons my wife and I are moving as soon as the youngest finishes school.) Here are some links to help add a bit of sunshine to me, and hopefully your, day.

Tracking Gemini Models with Pipedream

APIs, tools, consumer features, and heck, pretty much every aspect, of generative AI is changing at an incredibly rapid pace. I mostly focus on just Google Gemini and even that is pretty difficult to keep up with. Recently, Linda Lawton shared that she actually uses an automation script to keep track of the models currently available in Gemini. I thought that was a great idea and decided to see if I could build something similar using Pipedream. Here's what I came up with.

Update to My Table Sorting Web Component

Just a quick note. Last year, I blogged a demo of a web component that lets you wrap an existing HTML table and progressively add table sorting. I'm rather proud of that demo and was actually planning on doing a quick video about it, but while testing I encountered two small bugs that somehow missed my earlier rigorous testing. (And by rigorous testing I mean a few minutes of clicking around.)

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