Raymond is a senior developer evangelist for Adobe. He focuses on document services, JavaScript, and enterprise cat demos.

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Improved Utility Actions with Pipedream

If you can't tell, I'm a huge fan of Pipedream, but it isn't the only service of its kind out there. If anything, I like Pipedream even more as it's opened my eyes to alternatives out there and has made me appreciate the "low-code/no-code" space even more. In particular, I'm really enjoying digging into Microsoft Power Automate and it's got me thinking about what could be brought over into Pipedream.

Links For You

Happy Sunday and Happy Mother's Day. Here are three things I want to share for today. As always, the idea is to help share resources with those of you lucky enough to avoid Twitter and to help/inspire/challenge you. Enjoy!

Building Table Sorting and Pagination in Alpine.js

A few months back, I realized that one of my most popular blog posts (Building Table Sorting and Pagination in Vue.js) would be an excellent opportunity to update for a more plain (or vanilla if you will) JavaScript version. That post (Building Table Sorting and Pagination in JavaScript) was pretty fun to write. As much as I enjoyed using Vue over the past few years, I find myself more and more trying to rely less on external frameworks and sticking to simpler methods of getting things done. That being said... I am also really intrigued by Alpine.js.

Links For You

Happy Sunday, readers! Here's a few links for you:

First up, Eleventy has officially hit version 1.0.1. Want a good description of what's changed? Zach Leatherman gave a good overview in the video below. Note that he helpfully shared with me the starting time for the 1.0.1 description and the embed below starts there, but you may want to watch the whole video as well.

Writing to Google Photos from Pipedream - Some Tips

A few days ago I blogged about automatically backing up Switch screenshots via Pipedream. In that article I demonstrated automatically copying the photos to a Dropbox folder, but my original plan had been to use a Google Photos album. I ran into multiple issues there so I switched to Dropbox. I've figured out the issues and I'd like to share this with others. This will be a bit rough so I apologize in advance, but if you've got any questions, just ask me and I'll try to help.