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Sometimes I really love the Net. I was looking for a tool today that would extract video from a cue/bin file (cd image). After looking for about five minutes, I ran across VCDGear (www.vcdgear.com). This tool does exactly what I need - so in case anyone else has ever needed a tool like this, I decided to blog about it.

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Comment 1 by Marlon posted on 6/3/2003 at 1:46 AM


You could also check out this tool:


It''s a cd emulator that can mount bin/cue, iso, nrg, etc. files and have your os recognize them as a cdrom.

Pretty cool program. I use it for gaming, ''cause nothing sucks more than when you go into a new room in Diablo and you hear you character getting the cr@p beat out of him will your cdrom spins up :)

Comment 2 by Dan G. Switzer, II posted on 6/3/2003 at 1:59 AM

Also, for a commercial product, Alcohol 120% works like a champ. It will bind just about any type of CD image, plus it appears to be able to make an exact duplicate of a CD--with bad sectors and all!