So, after 2 "BS" posts, something relevant: Galleon 1.3.4 is released. This is a minor release, but part of a greater push to Galleon 2.0. Changes include:

  • There was a silly (and blank) error messsage when posting entries. I had never noticed this. Thanks to Ben Forta for pointing it out.
  • Oguz (and sorry if I typo your name) has written some significant improvements to Galleon. I'm inspecting his changes and slowly adding the ones I like. One of the changes is a link URL to each message entry. This lets you link directly to one message. I did it a bit differently then he did - but it is in there.
  • Changed application.cfc to galleon.cfc.
  • A few more small changes not worth mentioning.

Enjoy. Version 2 should be done sometime this century. You may download Galleon via the My Tools pod to the right, or by just clicking here.