Articles on TDN and

Articles on TDN and

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Just a quick note to share that I've been published again on the Telerik Developer Network. My latest article discusses learning JavaScript by "playing", or writing short bits of code, versus traditional book or classroom learning.

"Tools to Learn JavaScript by Doing" talks about various sites, tutorials, etc. that have you learn, or at least practice, JavaScript by either trying to solve coding challenges or get various tests to pass. I find this type of learning to be fascinating as it is much more active than just reading a book or attending a conference session. So I wrote up a few suggestions for things to try in this space and I hope folks find it useful.

I'm also now writing for the StrongLoop blog. I won't update my blog here every time I post there, but I strongly urge my readers who want to learn more about StrongLoop, LoopBack, and Node.js in general to sbuscribe there as well. My latest article there, "Examples of Validations for LoopBack Models", discusses some specific examples of validation within LoopBack. I'm currently working on an article now that deals with the ORM API and relationships.

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