Quick Eclipse Tip - "Refresh the file and stop fracking bugging me"

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Ok, I love the Eclipse platform, but it has a few... eccentricities that annoy the heck out of me. One of them involves how uppity Eclipse gets if a file is modified by another process. Instead of simply refreshing the file, Eclipse will give you a snooty message and demand you refresh the file. I complained about this on Twitter (is there any other reason to use Twitter) and Steve Good let me know that you can set Eclipse to automatically refresh. Turns out he was exactly right:

Woot. A few notes. First - in my testing, this did not pick up new folders. It did pick up new files in the folders. Secondly - if you have a file open and it's modified, you will not lose the file. In other words, you still get the normal "This file was modified - do you want to load" message. That's a good thing of course. What you won't get is a complaint if you open the file after it was modified by something else.

Anyway - hope this helps other and thanks Steve!

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