Keynote notes:

As always - please forgive the haphazard nature of these notes. Any followup questions just let me know. Please note there is a strong change I may misquote/make a mistake/etc so take with a grain of salt.

Keynote begins with an 'experience' video - and my big head looking even bigger (thankfully only for a few seconds). I have to say I didn't sound as bad as I thought I would (had a head cold that trip).

Kevin Lynch is the first exec on stage. Announcing Adobe Developer Connection (blogged on this a few days ago). The Intro network which was used for MAX before, is now available for ADC. I ignored this before- but seeing it in this context I'm definitely going to look again.

History of Adobe.

Shantanu Narayen, COO/Pres of Adobe is now up. Speaking about experience - engagement - and making the customer front and center in everything they do. Great digital experiences are the exception, not the norm. "Content is King" - great experiences are all about the content. Sometimes though the UI (chrome) becomes a barrier, not an enabler. Think about content before UI. "Make it personal" Ensure you can provide what the user wants when they want it. Showing a phone demo. Experience is based on personality of the individual using it - in this case, a middle aged person. Now there is a device targetted to a younger audience. UI is -very- different. "Less is (still) More" KISS principle again. Example being used is video editing. Showing MTV branded Adobe Premiere Express. Really freaking sweet demo. It was very simple and had incredibly impressive results. "Content has Meaning" Showing Adobe Media Player. It has what they call the "Glide UI". "blank an Experience Not a UI" - I'm too far to the left to see the first word. Showing bike race demo which shows racers and their position in the race over a map - as well as video. "Internet, Remixed" Technology is finally catching up with the vision. (Think he may be right there.)

Kevin is back on stage- talking about the technology platform in general. Applications/Clients/Servers/Servies/Tools. Video first. 70% of all video on net is Flash. H.264 support in Flash. Yahoo talking about their work w/ Flash Video. Flash update named "Moviestar". HD video quality up to 1080p HD. Full screen hardware accel. Lots of new stuff. Showed demo of Flash video at 720p and the quality is amazing, even full screen. Now going into AMP. Flash Lite 3 coming out soon.

Now on to web design/production. Site he is showing is built in CF (woohoo). Oh and Dreamweaver. They had a challenge to spend one week to redesign the unitedway site using cf8 stuff. Scott F. and Ben F are now on stage to demonstrate what they did. Alagad getting mentioned for their work for this demo. Demo is showing custom PDF based on the form he had filled out. Showing using DDX to merge the PDF with CFPDF. Scott F showing using Spry in Dreamweaver. Going to take the long form and switch it to a Spry Accordion. Much nicer looking form. Demonstrating 'Apply Source Formatting' in DW. Ok - so that was cool.

Now mentioning how it is hard to generate new images for the site. Ben F talks about how you can put MXML in CF. Showing mini flex app to build a Flex app on the fly. Flex sends the data to CF as byte stream, and CF then stores and sends final image back to browser.

Kevin Lynch back up. Showing a RIA demo called srapblog. Scrapbooking application. Speaking of AIR. Ed Rowe is leading the AIR team. Showing HTML demo AIR app. Integrates w/ Mentions how AIR doesn't make you learn something new - but reuse what you've learned in the past. (You can build AIR apps with HTML, Flex, Flash.)

Next up is Flex discussion. Flex 3 - Code named "Moxie". Showing 4 new features. Flex Profiler - lets you debug problems. Language Intelligence (think refactoring) - Visualization Updates - and Flex Framework Caching. First demoing profiler. Took a snapshot and found a slow method. Found trace code she should have removed. She wants to rename the method - showing refactor/rename support - so when she renames the method, all the project is updated - preview first. Darn, darn, darn nice! Show drag select on a chart to select multiple items. Advanced data grid shows drill down support, multi-column sort support. The caching helped reduce size from 500k to 300k.

Showing who won the AIR contest winners. Overall winner of the AIR Derby is... Agile Agenda.

Showing many AIR demos - and they are quite amazing. MTV is starting an AIR challenge. (The challenge should be - find an AIR app that will show videos - since MTV doesn't.)

Now talking about Flash Astro - next version. Text support is improving. Showing good handling of foreign characters. She can resize and the text for the language follows the proper rules for resizing/breaking. Now showing 3d example. Shows video rotating in 3d space. Hydra- new language for effects.