I still remember the first King book I read - Carrie. I was pretty young, probably too young, but I remember really enjoying the book and trying to pick up every other King book I could find. I continued to do so as I grew up, but I noticed something. During my college years, it seemed like King began to slip. Books like "Rose Madder" and "Bag of Bones" simply just, well, sucked. It seemed like King had lot his edge. Not all his books were bad, but for the first time I found myself not rushing out to buy his books as soon as they were released. In fact, I still have a few books in my collection that I just haven't bothered to read yet.

About a year ago I picked up Wolves of the Calla, and I was literally shocked. Here was the King I had remembered from my youth. The book was an intense, absolutely exciting and well-written book. The entire rest of the Dark Tower series was amazing.

"Cell" is the first post-Dark Tower book I've read from King. It is described mainly as King's "Zombie" book, however, Cell is far from that. The basic premise is that some kind of signal is sent out over cell phones. If you listen to the signal, you are turned insane and immediately begin attacking anyone around you. Obviously this has somewhat of a bad effect on society as a whole. The descriptions of Boston burning to the ground were harrowing. While the story may begin as a "zombie" tale, it quickly turns into something... different. I won't say why as it will ruin the fun. I can definitely recommend picking this up. (And a big thank you to the reader who purchased it from my wish list.)