Today I am very proud to announce that CFLib, the 100% open source and free collection of ColdFusion User Defined Functions, has released its 1000 UDF.

I started this site along with Rob Brooks-Bilson way back in 2001. The very first UDF released (according to the database) was FormatSSN. Since then 999 other UDFs have been released, thanks to the participation and help of the community (that's you guys).

In case folks are curious - the "2.0" site I've been talking about since 2004 is still in development, and I honestly think I might be able to get it done this year. It will support CFCs and Custom Tags and a be a one stop shop for all your CF extensions. (And you will always know that they will be free and open source.)

In the more immediate future, CFLib will be moving (along with my other sites) to a new server that will provide better performance and stability.