Starting/Stopping CF from HS+/CFStudio

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Ben Forta blogged today about an extension to Dreamweaver that allows you to start/stop ColdFusion via the editor and not the Services tool. This of course spurred me to post about how you can do it via HS+/CFStudio.

  1. Simply right click on your tool bar and select Customize.
  2. Select Add Custom Button.
  3. Select Launch an external application.
  4. For Filename, use c:\windows\system32\net.exe (your Windows directory may be different).
  5. For Command Line, use stop "ColdFusion MX Application Server"
  6. Lastly, for Button Hint use "Stop ColdFusion"

Repeat and switch stop for start in both the command line and button hint. If you want one button instead of two, I believe the only option is to write a simple .bat file and call that. While you can execute multiple commands at one time via the command line (x & y), I couldn't get HS+ to accept this sytle for one button.

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