(Sorry, I couldn't resist the title. It will make sense in a moment.) Today I've released Lighthouse Pro 2.0.2. This release is heavy on the email changes, so lets just dig into the updates:

  • I've had multiple requests from people who didn't like the "Subscribe" feature. To be more clear, they didn't like the all or nothing aspect of it. Now emails act differently. You can still subscribe to a project and get email everytime an issue is created or updated. However - now you will automatically get an email as the creator, owner, or old owner of a bug. I send an email to the old owner since the idea is that you probably want to be warned if you are taken off an issue.
  • To support creators, there is now a creator field for issues. (Get it! "Creationism" I made a funny - really.)
  • The emails sent out now include the issue name in the subject. If the issue name is too long, it gets truncated. This will make the emails a bit more descriptive.
  • Emails now include a direct link to the issue.

As always, you can download the code from the project page.