Update #2: BlogCFC 5.9

I just released BlogCFC 5.9 up to RIAForge. This is mainly a "maintenance" release where I tried to cover as many bugs as possible. It does include a few new features.

  • Pinging will use CFTHREAD in ColdFusion 8, making the saving of a new blog entry much quicker.
  • Added a contact form. I believe Charlie Arehart blogged on this - but I know it is really frustrating to hit a blog and have no idea how to contact a user. Now all BlogCFC installs will have a simple contact form built in.

The readme.txt file describes all the changes.

Now lets have a moment of silence. This is the last release of the BlogCFC 5.X code base. The end of the entire code base. BlogCFC 6 development officially begins next week. (Although I've been playing with some code already.) I plan to do this build much different than earlier versions.

First off - there will be a whole new SVN line. This way I can push any bug fixes to BlogCFC 5.9 and keep BlogCFC 6 in it's own sandbox. Secondly - I'm going to be bringing more people into the process. In the past I've been accused (fairly) of being a bit... tight with my code. I want to make V6 more open. I'll probably even be giving a few people write access. (Breathe deeply, Ray.) I've got some big plans and I'll definitely need help. Please be sure to follow the progress at BlogCFC.com.

Download attached file.

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