One of the many products updated last night as part of the Creative Cloud was a new version of Edge Reflow. Edge Reflow is a powerful prototyping tool for creating responsive designs. There are many updates but in this blog post I'm going to demonstrate just a few of them that related specifically to typography.

First, let's look at Typekit integration:

Next - check out the inline styling for text blocks:

Finally, this video demonstrates how to specify base font settings for a document:

One thing I didn't make clear in the video is how sizing works after you've done this. You may notice that the base font is in pixels and other text blocks are in ems. The impact of this is probably obvious to everyone (well everyone with more CSS experience than I have), but when you modify the base font size then all the elements using ems will correctly update relatively.

So - while I'm still trying to find a way to make my videos look less half-assed - I encourage you to look at some much nicer ones. First up is a video tour of the new release:

What's New in Edge Reflow CC?

And check out the in-depth video tutorials by my coworker, Piotr: Getting Started with Reflow