Earlier last week I was helping someone diagnose a ColdFusion issue when I noticed he was using the old CFC-based tags in cfscript. Specifically:

httpService = new http();
result = LOCAL.httpService.send().getPrefix();

Back around ColdFusion 9 I believe Adobe made CFCs to support a few different tags in cfscript. They were: cfcollection, cfdbinfo, cffeed, cfftp, cfhttp, cfimap, cfindex, cfldap, cfmail, cfpdf, cfpop, cfquery, cfsearch, cfstoredproc, cfstoredprocresult.

I used a few of these quite a bit, and in general they worked ok, but I ran into bugs from time to time. Surprisingly these CFCs are not encrypted. You can find them in an com.adobe.coldfusion folder under your server's CustomTags folder. Because they weren't encrypted, I actually wrote my own fixes from time to time.

But the point is - in ColdFusion 11, you should not be using any of these, and should be using the built-in support for tags in script. The documentation for this may be a bit hard to find. The feature as a whole may be found here: Script support for tags, but as far as I know, none of the wiki pages shows examples of this in regards to individual tags.

Adam Cameron does a good write up about some of the mistakes in Adobe's implementation. I don't agree they are quite as bad as he points out, but I strongly agree that "cf" should have been removed from the calls and the need to pass in a result argument should have been fixed. Maybe ColdFusion 12 will correct that. (Or Luccee. :)