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As a followup to my last post, I thought I'd share something either very funny, or very sad.

Yesterday I got this email (except):

Thank you for contacting Dell's Technical Support. It was a pleasure working with you in our attempt to resolve the issue you are having with your system.

I suppressed the urge to go postal, and responded back to them how they had promised to call me back (twice) and had not called me back. I mentioned in that last post that the battery seemed to be working much better, but unfortunately that is not the case. I know seem to be stuck around an hour and five minutes for my battery. This is an improvement - but not worth the one hundred and eighty dollars I spent.

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Comment 1 by robi posted on 8/14/2005 at 9:23 PM

I have been going through something similar with one of my systems for almost 8 months now! 8 months! Recently a Dell tech came to my house and replaced my CPU which did not fix the issue and he said he thought it was the motherboard. So I called Dell back and another 1.5 hours (ontop of the over 30 so far) Dell said they would replace the motherboard and that they would have someone out next business day to do it. Last time the said next business day it was 5 business days.
Compare this to my three IBM laptops. Anytime I have a issue if they can not resolve my issue over the phone they either send me a replacement part of will replace my system and they acutally do get people out to you when they say they will. My best story about IBM is my laptop died while I was traveling and I called support. They dignosed that the mother board most likely had died and they said they could send me a replacement and i told them i was on the road so they said they would send a tech to me the next day. Sure enough i had a tech at my place the next day who looked at the system, replaced the mother board and suggested the case be replaced (its cracked) and the CD DRIVE (which was acting up). I called IBM while he was there and they had him come back out the next day with a new case and CD drive. Maybe total of 1 hour on my part to get all that done.