So this morning I decided to install Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection. I selected a few of the apps as I didn't need everything (Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, Contribute) and hit go. I noticed a few minutes later the installer was hung. I was silently cursing the installer when I noticed my CD wasn't showing up in Finder. Turned out I had started up VMware Fusion and it had stolen the CD device. -sigh- My fault.

So I killed the installer and tried again. After a few minutes my leg accidentally hit the CD tray - which was open - which was news to me. When my leg hit the tray it closed. I figured - no big deal - it must want one of the other CDs. But when I selected the installer, I saw this:

Nice verbose message there. I waited a while and when nothing happened I force quit the application. I ran the installer a third time - ensuring I kept my legs to myself (I can't stop moving when I listen to techno - I'm crazy like that) and this time the exact same problem occurred! I didn't touch the CD tray, but I've got the same nice blank installer message.

Anyone have a recommendation?