Today was an incredibly long day, so forgive me if this post isn't very intelligent or deep. I've been in meetings, presentations, and other activities since 7:30 this morning. It's 10:30 PM now. I just got off a river cruise that was quite wonderful. We went north about a mile or so, to the entrance to one of the great lakes. (I'm too lazy to google it and see which one.) The GM building is amazing, like something out of the future, and the country-side north of Detroit was beautiful. I took quite a few pictures, but since I suck, I didn't bring my USB cable for my RAZR.

So - I had never really paid much attention to Compuware before, but after seeing some of their products, I was quite impressed. To be honest - the complexity and price of these products are probably far beyond what most of my readers can afford, but I think you should check them out. I've been pretty impressed by SteelTrace and QACenter. Tomorrow I get to meet Howie Long which is pretty cool, but am more looking forward to getting back to my wife and kids. (And maybe actually posting a ColdFusion entry or two.)