Cumulative Hot Fix 3 did NOT include security updates

This post is more than 2 years old.

This is more an FYI than anything else - but I wanted to make sure folks knew that the recent "cumulative" hot fix for ColdFusion did not include any of the security hot fixes from last month. Now I know that hot fixes are not meant to be required things for your ColdFusion server, but at the same time, Adobe refers to the security changes as hot fixes and I'm not quite sure how you could look at those as not required. I think if you use the word "cumulative" you are really leading folks to think that it includes everything and that just isn't the case here.

So - please - help spread the word. If you agree with me that this is unnecessarily confusing, please bug Adobe.

By the way - I'd love it if the ColdFusion Admin would check a web service for stuff like this. That way every time you log in you could see a little notice that new hot fixes were available.

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