Initiative to improve ColdFusion docs

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Even though I'm a contributing author to a set of ColdFusion books, whenever I can I try to sing the praises of the 100% free 5,000+ page set of docs Adobe created for ColdFusion. I hear people complain about bugs and bad examples, but you can find mistakes in the WACKs as well. (Of course we try for perfection, and we are just as successful as everyone else.) That being said, today Adobe announced (in a private list) an initiative to help improve ColdFusion documentation. This initiative is being driven by Adobe with members of the ColdFusion community and is based strongly on comments you guys leave on the online versions available at If you've found issues with the docs before, now is the time to leave your comments. As always, try to be as descriptive as possible. Saying "It doesn't work" is pretty useless. Describe what part of the documentation isn't working for you and how it isn't working. Saying "I don't get it" also isn't typically helpful. Try to explain what part of the documentation you're looking at isn't clear to you. Whatever issues you have - make the time to comment and help improve the docs for everyone!

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