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A very, very minor BlogCFC update has been released. The core CFC will still say version 3.8, but I'm calling this 3.8.1. Anyway - the changes....

  • There was a wierd little bug in BlueDragon with listDeleteAt. Imagine this string: If you consider the / as the delimiter, this should be a 3 item list, since the null entry (//), is ignored. My code wanted to get everything from that string except the end part (/index.cfm), so I did a listDeleteAt on the URL using listLen. This worked fine, but in BD, it "removed" the null entry. So I ended up with http:/ I logged a bug with New Atlanta. Since the code was kind of silly anyway, I just replaced it with a regex and it should work fine on both.
  • This leads to another issue regarding the "BlogURL" setting in the ini file. You MUST use the full URL when writing this setting. I.e., don't use "". Instead, use "" I updated the Word doc to make this more clear. (Everyone reads the docs, right?)
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