I got some pretty good (mostly valid ;) criticism today about Lighthouse so I thought I should post about it. Before downloading and using Lighthouse, you should know that it was built as a light weight, quick to deploy bug tracker. It uses XML to track bugs, and it stores this info in RAM. That means the tracker is going to suck if you load it with a large number of bugs.

I built it this way because I wanted a bug tracker that was fast to deploy. It was based on a one file tracker a good friend of mine did that took about 30 seconds to deply. Lighthouse isn't that quick, but that is the thinking behind the way it was built.

That being said, there is room for improvement. I plan on doing a minor update next month that will mainly consist of UI changes. I also plan on adding a Lighthouse support forum on my site.

So, my question to you is (you being anyone using it, or anyone who tried it) - does this lightweight setup actually work for you, and secondly, would you be interested in a more "Enterprise" level bug tracking system, something actually using a database. Not that I have time for another large project, but I have been thinking of making a new version of it, while keeping the lightweight one as well.