Blog 3.5 Available for Testing

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The 3.5 version of BlogCFC is now ready for testing. This isNOT the final version nor do I recommend you going live with it. It has been tested for a whole twenty minutes or so and the documentation has not been updated. Follow the more link below for a quick description of how to use new features. This release adds multiple blogs/users per DSN. You can download it here.

Please see the include blog.ini file for examples. To use multiple blogs per dsn, simply use the same dsn setting. To use multiple users per blog, simply insert extra values into the user table. However, if you have multiple blogs per DSN and want user A to only have access to blog A, you must use the "users=" property in the ini file. If this is left blank (and Default's entry is blank), then all users will be allowed to use the blog.

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