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A few days ago a new site launched that is a) cool and b) built entirely in ColdFusion - FaqMe. FaqMe was built to make it easier to create FAQs for web sites. As someone who has built a few web sites and has had to deal with user documentation, I can tell you it's not fun. FaqMe looks to offload some of the work by providing a simple tool to handle FAQ creation. I created one for the ColdFusion Portal here: It's got a grand total of one question now, but it you can see how it works. There's automatic support for readers to contact you, basic design settings, and you can easily re-order the questions. The stats page is really slick too. My stats are pretty boring now, but you can check out this screen shot from a TechCrunch article:

Along with ColdFusion the site makes heavy use of jQuery and jQuery UI. The creator is Philip Kaplan, formally of F-d Company if you remember that site.

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