Attention BD users who work with Galleon. Version 1.5 added (finally) a simple error.cfm file to handle errors generated by the forums. (Not that my code ever throws an error.) A user said that this change breaks the admin. Turns out there is a slight difference in BD. Galleon has a top level folder with Application.cfm in it. It then has a cferror tag pointing to just "error.cfm". The admin sub folder has an Application.cfm that cfincludes the parent Application.cfm. When you hit the admin folder in BD, even if no error occurs, BD notices that "error.cfm" doesn't exist. That is because it is looking for it relative to the Application.cfm in the admin folder. (I'm not typing Application.cfm again - it's too many darn letters.)

So - I'm not 100% of a great answer, but here is a quick mod you can add, only if you are running BlueDragon. This mod goes in the App.cfm file in the root folder, and replaces the cferror tag as it stands now.

<cfif findNoCase("/admin", cgi.script_name)>
   <cferror type="exception" template="../error.cfm">
   <cferror type="exception" template="error.cfm">