1up.com is carrying a story about the new controller for the Nintendo Revolution. If anyone had any doubts that Nintendo had finally lost their minds, this should settle it. The new controller is an uber remote-control, and is supposed to be intuitive and simple to use. I'm not convinced. Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't want a Revolution. I "grew up" with Nintendo and owned every system up to and including the 64. The 64 was nice, but it was apprent, even then, that Nintendo was just getting behind the times.

Now it seems as if Nintendo just believes they "know better" than me. They have an attitude of seeming to know what the gamer wants, even when the gamer disagrees with them. Or maybe they have simply given up on the gamer audience. My wife isn't a gamer and she has no trouble at all with the XBox controller.

As I said - I don't want a revolution. I want to play video games. Yes, give me better graphics and sound. Yes, give me the "media crap", which is a nice extra, but not terrribly important. But why completely change the entire concept of video games? (Of course, maybe I'm just too old. ;)

I predict - the Revolution will be the last system Nintendo puts out. The Gameboy will continue to sell, but Nintendo will leave the console race.

p.s. Burnout Revenge kicks major butt.