I'm running a bit behind today. I had to wake up at 5 (*) and run to New Orleans for - I kid you not - all of 10 minutes - and then drive back home. So while I try to catch up (and consume more coffee) I thought I'd share a tip. Scott had told me a few weeks ago about his move to Google For Domains (or is it called Google Apps? Not sure...) for his email server. He mentioned the spam filtering along was worth the trouble. I moved a secondary domain last week and had a lot of trouble. This week I moved my primary email and it went a lot better. The main thing is to RTFM - and read it carefully. My problems were all due to simply skimping when reading the docs.

So with my primary email moved over I can say one thing - I love it. My spam has dropped to about 1% of what it was before. My wife is also seeing the same. That along with the price (free) makes it more than worth the hassle.

  • So why would waking up at 5 be a big deal? Most folks know I tend not to sleep. For a while I used to wake up at 4 sometimes. Well for the past month or so I've been taking melatonin, and it's done wonders for my sleep. I sleep all night - no waking up and tossing and turning, and I sleep until the kids or the alarm wake me up. So long story short - I'm no longer Mr. Needs No Sleep - I'm now sleeping like a baby, which unfortunately means more turnaround time for product updates! :)