Jay asks:

I am tryin gto add a button, specifically an email button, to pdf created in CF8. I am not sure how to do this. I thought in CF8 you could create a pdf with CFDocument and in this process add buttons to do whatever. Is this possible? If so how?

I marked this both as a "Ask a Jedi" and "Stump the Chump" because I'm not sure I have the exact right answer. I believe the answer is no though. From what I know - CF8 does let you work with PDF forms that were created in Acrobat/LiveCycle. So it can handle existing forms. It can even put an existing PDF Form inside a PDF made with CFDOCUMENT. But you can't create an interactive form from scratch with CFDOCUMENT.

Now - if you want to get a bit down and dirty - you can use iText. They have a tutorial on creating interactive forms. For an excellent set of examples of using iText in ColdFusion, check out the iText category over at cfSearching.