I got the new update to Galleon up on RIAForge. I'm happy that's up after all the hullabaloo from last week. (Do you have any idea how long I've waited to use hullabaloo in a blog post??) Thanks to Rob Gonda for his help. This new addition has (along with changes to the back end to support an object factory) the following updates:

  • You can now do quotes when replying to a post. It is a manual process, but it gets displayed nicely.
  • I remove the special tags ([code] for example) from emails.
  • A few fixes for BlueDragon compatibility.
  • In the admin screens for users, threads, and messages, you can now enter a search term to filter the data. Very handy for trying to find a particular message or user.

As always - comments, suggestions, wishlist items are appreciated.