Soundings 2 Update / Request for Logo

A few days ago I released a preview update for Soundings 2. This update focused on new pagination features for surveys. Today I'm releasing an update with the following changes:

  • Updated handlers for Text Box questions. They now support pagination.
  • Reports can now be generated in PDF.
  • Reports can now have a question filter applied. This is useful for cases where your report may have a bunch of questions about the responder that aren't really relevant to the report itself.

As mentioned in the last entry, Soundings really needs a bit of UI loving, so if someone wants to help clean up the HTML a bit, please let me know.

I'm also looking for a Soundings logo, something on par with the BlogCFC logo. I can't offer much in the way of money (ok, I can't offer any money), but think of the fame you will get!

As a side note - I forgot to mention. Soundings now makes use of Spry. The question filter for reporting is AJAX based. It isn't a terribly sexy use of AJAX, but it works.

Download attached file.

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