Today we published a few new Adobe AIR articles that I think my readers may be interested in:

What's new in Adobe AIR 3
A darn good, concise, list of everything new in Adobe AIR 3.

HTML updates in Adobe AIR 3
Do you remember that you can create full AIR apps (desktop anyway) using HTML and JavaScript? This article details some of the changes in that area. If you've never explored this before, check out the main landing page for AIR and JavaScript development. I've done quite a bit in this area myself and find it to be a great platform. I'll also remind folks that there is a Google Group just for this topic (as well as one for devices).

What's new in Flex 4.6 SDK and Flash Builder 4.6
Exciting stuff here - especially the new components. Check out the SplitViewNavigator built specifically for tablets.

Native extensions for Adobe AIR
Good round of native extensions. Many link to complete articles on them as well so it's not just a list of downloads. New extensions include support for the gyroscope and vibration.

Installation and deployment options in Adobe AIR 3
This has a good look at the new captive runtime feature. I.e., no need to install the SDK when installing your apps!