Friday Puzzler - Gold baby, pure gold...

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Earlier today Andy Sandefer sent me a message saying he that he thought my blog had a 'golden birthday' today. He saw 2009 ColdFusion blog entries (i.e., 2009 entries in the CF category, not total) and the year was 2009. A golden birthday is defined as the birthday when your age matches the day of the month for your birthday. So for example, my birthday, April 8 (hey, that's soon!), means that I had my golden birthday when I was 8 years old in 1981.

Your Friday Puzzler is to write a UDF that will generate the Golden Birthday date for a given date of birth. The "winner" (not that I have anything to give away ;) will have their UDF added to (In other words, I'll post it/approve it for you.)

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