So, not that I think people are that interested in my personal life, I thought I'd share a bit about what I did this weekend.

Friday I had a few minutes to work on the blog, so I added color coding to code samples. This isn't in the zip yet but will be in the RC when it is released sometime soon. Here is an example:

<cfif isDefined("form.username") and isDefined("form.password") and len(trim(form.username)) and len(trim(form.password))>
<cfloginuser name="#trim(username)#" password="#trim(password)#" roles="admin">

Saturday was my wife's birthday, so we hired a babysitter and went out. We saw Elf, which was pretty darn funny, although it didn't handle adoption issues very well. It's funny, I never thought I'd be "PC" in any way, but some of the comments were a bit off. For example, you don't refer to the birth father as the "real" father. But again, I'm being touchy. The film is well worth your money.

Sunday was "Install the Wood Floor" day, which quickly turned into "What in the hell was I thinking" day. So, today I'm on the phone with a few companies to find someone else to come in and finish the job. I have to remember - people pay me to do what I consider to be very easy stuff... so I shouldn't feel bad paying other folks to do things that are probably easy for them. ;)

Also on Sunday two of my kids ran fever around 105 - so both were brought to emergency by my wife. Luckily it ended up being nothing more than a sinus infection.

Oh, and I forgot - Saturday started off with my wife's brand new laptop (two months old, a Sony VAIO), refusing to boot. I'm getting the 'no OS' error, and with no floppy or cd in the drive, it can only mean one thing - a dead drive. Of course, I can't get into the BIOS to confirm since the startup doesn't tell you what key to hit, which means I have to dig out the documentation somewhere. I don't mind the hardware failure, but this soon? And I certainly hope I don't have to suffer through what I did with Dell a few weeks back.