I'm happy to say that as of about 2 minute ago, the bits for ColdFire 1.0 were released to RIAForge. I'm even happier to say that I didn't have to do a lick of work for this last release - Nathan Mische did it all! This release adds full variables support to the debugger. You can now enter "form" as a variable and see the form scope. Or form.id. Anything really. This version makes use of the JavaScript Dump code from Net Grow. Thank you very much guys for letting us use the code.

Below is a screen show showing both a dump in the actual page and what tracing the form scope looks like in ColdFire:

For folks who don't know what ColdFire is - it is an addon to the popular Firebug extension. It allows you to use ColdFusion debugging without all the crazy output added to the bottom of the page.