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As the parent of three little bundles of joy, two of which are now following in their father's footsteps and discovering video games, I noticed there isn't a really good place for parents to find out which games are best for their kids. Sure there are the standard video game review sites, but most of them don't have a specific way to focus in on games for kids. Also, while the ESRB ratings tell you the basics, it doesn't tell you what kind of skills a child needs to play the game. For example - will the child need good reading skills? Fast reflexes? Good memory? These are all things that may make a game less enjoyable for a child, or perhaps may be things you think your child needs work on. Also, if your going to be playing video games with your kids, I bet you would like to play games that are fun for you as well! So with that in mind, I'm happy to announce...

This is not just my site, but a collaborative effort between myself, Scott Stroz (big contributor to BlogCFC btw), Ben Forta, and Emmet McGovern. We are all video game players and all parents. So check it out, tell us what you think (especially if you are a parent), and visit the site often as we plan on having one big review a week (at minimum).

Big thanks to Rasteroids Design for the UI.

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